Mission Statement

Our Vision

On a global level, we envision a world community that coexists in harmony, recognizing the inherent worth in us all. Our vision for Montessori By The Sea’s school community is students who are passionate about life and learning, loving, dedicated and professional administrators and teachers, and supportive and involved parents.

Our Mission

At MBTS we promote a legacy of limitless possibilities by inspiring a love of life, learning, and laughter; creating environments that engage, excite and embrace everyone and fostering the acquisition of skills necessary for a balanced, successful life. We value respect for self, others and the world, nourish self-awareness and peace within, inspire innovative thinkers, nurture relationships and foster inherent worth as well as encompass global awareness and citizenship.

Our Aims

At MBTS we aim to provide our students with a legacy of limitless possibilities through:

  • Love of life, learning & laughter
  • Environments that engage, excite and embrace everyone
  • Acquisition of skills necessary for a balanced, successful life
  • Respect: for self, others, and the world
  • Nourishing self-awareness and peace within
  • Inspiring innovative thinkers
  • Nurturing relationships & fostering inherent worth
  • Global awareness & citizenship

At Montessori By The Sea, the concept of educating the whole child is central to everything we do. The Montessori curriculum is interdisciplinary, sequential, individualized, contextual, meaningful and holistic, and provides students with the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways. Additionally, each student participates in enrichment classes (PE, Art, Music, Foreign Language and ICT—at the Elementary level-) weekly. This further facilitates the child’s total development. We empower our students to initiate their own activities, helping them to develop self-reliance, independence and a sense of ownership of their classroom and school environment.

The best way to gain a better understanding of Montessori education is to come by and visit our campus! We are very proud of our students and school, and encourage parents to observe and see the children working and interacting in the classroom. In addition, we require that parents, preferably both, schedule a tour of the classroom and school environment to give you a feel of the philosophy as well as the warm, nurturing Montessori By The Sea environment. A positive experience for your child requires that parents and school share a common view of the purpose of education. Observations are by appointment only, so please call the school at (345) 947-0684 to schedule one. This period will give you a glimpse into a day at Montessori By The Sea, and give you a feel of the Montessori philosophy, which will allow you to see if it is a right fit for your child and your family. This is of utmost importance, as home and school must work together to optimize your child’s experiences.

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