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Process Over Product: Cultivating True Creativity

IMG_6265Welcome to all our new families and returning students for the school year 2017/2018 in Art. I look forward to working with all of the students and hope to be part of their memories for this year.

A few words about art lessons and the importance of allowing the process to stand alone without the end product being a focus. It is an adult idea that we must seek an end product which can interfere, confuse and be unfavorable to being in the moment and truly express ourselves.

Art has played an important role in early childhood programs for years. Art fosters sensory perception, provides the opportunity to represent and symbolize experiences, offers children a chance to experiment, create, and build, strengthens children’s ability to think and make decisions, and helps them make sense of the world.

Art is fun. Children have a natural ability to create. It is observed in their daily play and art is one medium through which children can satisfy this need to create and express themselves.

Why is it then that we as adults tend to ask questions like “ What did you draw?” or “What are you making?”. It is the process that matters to children, once he or she has finished with his piece the child moves onto his next work.

The importance of guiding children in art activities is to allow the process to take centre stage. Process means allowing the child to explore art materials with guidance: experimenting with paints, watching the mixing colours, and feeling textures.

Process is creating something that is uniquely yours and not a copy of someone else’s. The goal is for the children to feel accepted, successful, confident and free to explore their environment.

I hope we achieve a little of this with the children at MBTS.

Ms. Helene

Art Teacher


I am Miss Helene and I am the new Art and Drama teacher at Montessori By The Sea.

Some of you will perhaps recognize me from previous years working in and around the school. I am very excited to be teaching  Art and Drama this year, working with Lower Elementary,  Upper Elementary and Middle Years, and I feel we are already off to a Great start getting to know each other and getting busy making art.

I hope to incorporate some of the  units  from the classrooms into our art activities. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect new learning and children’s interest to develop ideas through a creative process of expression.

When not teaching you can usually find me in the mornings in the school office, Specialty Room or art area upstairs. Please feel free to come and see me with any thoughts and ideas or send me an email at


Miss Helene

” We cannot teach a person to be an artist but we can help him develop an eye that sees, a hand that obeys, and a soul that feels”

Maria Montessori

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Communicating Through Art

Throughout the months of November and December, the Lower Elementary children have been exploring how humans use art to communicate ideas and feelings.

We have explored the art of early humans through lessons on cave paintings. In both Lower Elementary classes, we focused on the handprints left behind in the “cueva de los manos” in South America. The children carefully cut out paper “stencils” of their own hands and used smudged chalk to create an outline on their class murals.

The downstairs class continued to focus on the prehistoric art of early humans, and created stories out of their animal cave paintings. Our study of prehistoric art complemented the Lower Elementary focus on the Great Lessons in the first term, particularly in the areas of fundamental needs and the story of writing.

The upstairs class focused on early South American art, creating sun gods out of embossed copper, making clay anacondas, oil pastel resist drawings of rainforest animals, parrot kites, and watercolour paintings of the Amazon forest. These artistic projects offered the children a hands-on way to connect with the biodiversity and cultural richness of South America.

The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring communication through visual art in the first term. We are all looking forward to continuing to exercise creativity and imagination when we return to school in January!

Have a beautiful Christmas and a joyful New Year!