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A Drop of Hope: Casa Kids Make a Difference

RainbowSomewhere over the rainbow is a world with no more plastic.

On Friday, January the 12th , three MBTS Casa students (Rowyn, Sofia and Riley) had a play date of a slightly different variety. They headed to their favourite beach in North Side after school and spent the afternoon cleaning up the garbage and debris that had washed up onto the shore from the one of the recent Nor’easters to blow through Grand Cayman.

After a lot of hard work, help from their grown-ups, twenty full extra-large garbage bags and a few swim breaks, they managed to clear the short stretch of beach of the majority of trash and restore it to its natural state of beauty. They took great pride in a job well done and enjoyed a well-deserved pizza and dance party in the evening.

Although their accomplishment could easily be dismissed as a drop in the bucket, our Casa children are learning that this proverbial bucket (which represents a future in which planet Earth is clean and cared for) can indeed become full if many individuals persist in adding their own small drops or contributions.

The photo of the girls on the beach surrounded by garbage gazing at rainbow on the horizon is especially poignant because it inspires in the viewer both heartbreak and hope, a combination that encompasses the conflicting emotions that many people experience when considering the current state of the world and the future of planet Earth.

The Gift of Giving

Toy Drive

A big and heartfelt thank-you goes out to all of the families who generously and joyfully donated a gift to the Casa Charity Toy Drive. We are so thrilled to share that over 150 gifts were brought in by the MBTS community! This overwhelmingly positive response will bring so much joy to the hearts of so many needy children, and so effortlessly imparted the importance of sharing and giving to our own students at MBTS.

The Casa Charity Toy Drive, which was launched earlier this month, benefitted local charitable organization, Impact 345.  This wonderful organization aims to make a positive impact on our island community through various charitable initiatives, including the “Have a Heart Kids” program that focuses on the needs of young charity patients at Health City. All toys donated by the MBTS community were given directly to the “Have A Heart Kids” program, and will benefit children up to the age of 18 years, whose families are having a difficult time financially but are not receiving help through social services or other organizations.

Representatives from Impact 345 visited MBTS on Wednesday, December 13th, to happily collect the bags overflowing with donations. By working with this wonderful organization, it is our hope that our students will become more aware of the needs of others, and develop a deeply-rooted sense of compassion, generosity and kindness.

Thank you very much all of your support!



The Montessori Path to Mastery in Math

The hot topic of our recent Parent Night on November 15th was “The Mystery of Montessori Math Unraveled”, so we thought it would be fitting to showcase through photos this Montessori Math in action at the Casa level this month.

In the Casa Program, children are busily laying the CONCRETE foundations for numeracy upon which all of their subsequent understanding of Math will be built. To facilitate this endeavour, we spend a lot of time and have a multitude of wonderful hands-on, concrete, Montessori Math materials that really solidify a child’s understanding of the relationship between numeral and quantity that constitutes a NUMBER.

  • 5 = NUMERAL
  • ***** = QUANTITY
  • Numeral + Quantity = NUMBER

When you understand the relationship that forms the number 5, then think of all of the amazing things that you can do with that 5! You can compare it with other numbers; you can use it in a pattern/sequence; you can use it to measure ingredients when baking a cake; you can use it to do addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, etc. In fact, by the time a child graduates from the Casa Program they will have experience with numbers into the thousands and will have been introduced to all 4 operations with our concrete materials.
As a natural byproduct of using the concrete Montessori Math materials to cultivate a concrete understanding of core concepts in math, our penultimate goal for a Casa child is to have them see the amazing potential in a 5, and the rest of its number friends for that matter. This sense of wonder with numbers is what forms the sturdiest component of a foundation in Math!