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January is almost done and we are working hard in French class!

The Kindergarteners have been playing lots of games to learn the names of different fruit. They matched the fruit with labels and are learning to write the words. They will shortly move onto learning the names of vegetables.

Grade 1 are nearing the end of their unit on colours and numbers 1-10: they had fun playing bingo in French and have played lots of games such as wordsearches and unscrambling the words on our Smart Board. “Clothing” is the next topic.

Our Grade 3 students are enjoying studying our unit on “Languages”! We’ve discovered some speakers of different languages in our class and played a fun board game travelling the world learning the word for ‘hello’ in different languages.

The Grade 4 class should be very proud of the family mobiles they completed! They are hanging up in our Specialty Room. We are currently working on school objects and will then move on to learn how to read and write numbers 1-20 in words.

Grade 5 students have been working on how to say their names, nationalities, where they live and what they like to do as pass-times. They have been learning a lot about the names of countries (and their genders), different nationalities and languages, in order to build up to this work!

The Grade 6 group had lots of fun learning directions in our earlier unit and are able to give directions to a place in town. We are now working on places in school and the students will make a plan of their school and say where the students are going.

The Grade 7s are learning names of sports that they play/don’t play and how to give opinions about them. They are moving on to discuss their favourite hobbies and will learn how to use the French-English section of a glossary.

Our Grade 8 students have been revising sports and saying what musical instruments that they play or would like to play. They’ve also been studying ‘Expressions of Time’, in order for them to say how often they do the activities above. They are currently learning how to talk about their daily routine.



October has gone very quickly and our students have been hard at work!

Our Kindergarteners have finished their unit on days of the week and are now learning how to say how they feel. They are also learning some fun French Halloween songs. Next, they will learn parts of the body.

Our Grade 1 students ended our unit on colours, playing a fun game and singing the famous French song, ‘Frere Jacques’. We are now working on numbers (reading and writing number words).

The Grade 3 students had fun dressing up, while learning how to greet different people in French. They’ve been learning about some characters (from books, films and television programmes) who are famous in France.  They also sang a fun Halloween song, ‘Halloween Ole’. Next, they will be learning how to express an opinion and identify intonation in spoken French.

Our Grade 4 group have been learning the different words for ‘my’ in French and then applied them to create their own family trees. They worked very hard on this! Currently, they are learning colour words and their different genders.

The Grade 5s have been continuing their work on countries and are now learning how to spell the names; we’ve been doing lots of practice on the French alphabet! The students recently learned how to use a bilingual French dictionary and have been looking up different parts of speech in it.

The Grade 6s have been working on the names of places in town and are now learning how to say and write that’ I go….’ (Je vais…) to the various places.

Our Grade 7 students are working on a unit on family. They’ve been talking about their brothers and sisters, and working on adapting a text to give your own details. Recently, they’ve been learning how to describe their own and someone else’s character.

The Grade 8s have been learning about health and fitness. They’ve been studying body parts and and saying how they feel and what is wrong with them. They’ve been using exclamations to sound more French! The students have also been learning to say what is good and bad for your health and how to give basic advice on healthy living.


Mme Wendy




We have certainly had a busy first month in our French classes!

Our Kindergarteners been working hard on learning the days of the week and are having plenty of practice writing out the words. They’ve also enjoyed singing a fun song, entitled ‘Les jours de la semaine’.

The Grade 1s are tackling colours. They are currently working on reading and writing colour words and will shortly be singing an interactive song ‘As-tu le bleu?’, involving coloured felt squares. They have begun to use the SmartBoard to play all sorts of interactive games on the topic.

Our Grade 3 students are learning all the different ways that French people use to greet one another, and in our next lesson, they will be using some fun props to practise the key words and phrases.

The Grade 4 students are continuing to work on the theme of “Family”. They have become  familiar with family names and today we sung a French song equivalent to the British song, ‘The Farmer’s in His Den’, in which the students each took the role of the characters and acted out to the music. This was fun!

Our Grade 5 class have learned the names of some countries in French. We sang a catchy tune -‘Je parle francais’- to learn them, and worked out the names of languages too. The students are currently learning the genders of countries.

Grade 6 students are learning some prepositions of place – ‘sur’, ‘sous’, ‘devant’ and ‘derriere’. They drew some very good pictures to demonstrate their understanding of these important words. We will shortly be learning names of places in a town.

The Grade 7 students have recently been working on months and seasons. They learned what French people celebrate and do during the different months. They also practised saying their age and learned how to ask questions, using correct intonation. They are now leaning about pets and how to work out genders of nouns.

Our Grade 8 class will soon be completing their unit on “Clothing”. They’ve been practising how to say and write what they wear for different occasions and in different weather. In our next lesson, they will listen to and act out the first episode of the soap opera, in which we recap all the key language of the first unit of the course.


Mme Wendy