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Picture This: Green Screen Magic in ICT


In our Lower Elementary ICT classes, we have been busy with green screen photography projects exploring photography and image-editing programs.

Students picked a background of choice, took digital photos and edited their photos in order to combine them into a fun, creative image.  Students were able to place themselves next to their favourite movie character or their favourite mystical creature, and had a blast discovering the world of digital editing and its endless possibilities!

Dreams can come true – digitally in ICT!

Games and Google Doodles – from Scratch!

When it comes to the creativity of young minds, we’re just “scratching” the surface with original video games and Google doodles. 

The Grade Four and Grade Five students have been developing their very own video games using a program called Scratch. Scratch allows students to understand computer programming by dragging and dropping blocks of programming commands. For this game, the students have been coding a character (or “sprite”) that can knock down its enemy as it swoops into the screen.

Have you ever noticed that on special holidays, Google will have a unique logo to celebrate it? These are called Google Doodles. The Grade Six and Seven students have also been using Scratch to design their very own Google Doodle. For this project they have had to create coding for each letter of G-o-o-g-l-e (that means six different sprites!) based on a theme of their choosing. Themes selected include food, the Olympics, and Earth Day!

Robotics and Coding with Bee-Bot


Starting off the new year in Lower Elementary ICT, we have been programming and instructing our new friend, Bee-Bot! Bee-Bot is a programmable robot that teaches problem-solving and coding, and brings tons of fun to our lab.

The students have enjoyed solving quests and sequencing routes on various Bee-Bot maps. Bee-bot has been a great way for students to apply the coding knowledge and skills they learnt throughout Term 1.

It’s no surprise that the ICT lab is always buzzing with excitement!