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Robotics and Coding with Bee-Bot


Starting off the new year in Lower Elementary ICT, we have been programming and instructing our new friend, Bee-Bot! Bee-Bot is a programmable robot that teaches problem-solving and coding, and brings tons of fun to our lab.

The students have enjoyed solving quests and sequencing routes on various Bee-Bot maps. Bee-bot has been a great way for students to apply the coding knowledge and skills they learnt throughout Term 1.

It’s no surprise that the ICT lab is always buzzing with excitement!


ICT- Grade 1-6

The Grade 1s have been focusing on locating letters and main control keys on the keyboard. They have also been changing colour, size and type of font when typing words on Microsoft Word.

The Grade 2s and 3s have been focusing on their typing speed, using different programs for practice.

The Upper El students have been focusing on their typing skills and accuracy, where they are trying to type without looking down at the keyboard.

All grades have been working on a program called “Pivot Stick Figure”, where they are able to move different figures to create videos.

Also all grades have been using different games and programs to help them increase their computer skills. Some of the programs used in the class are “Paws”, “Mavis Beacon”, “Paint”, “Microsoft Word”, “Microsoft Power Point”, and “Microsoft Excel”.

Some of the students take a typing speed test most weeks to keep track of their speed and accuracy, and are progressing well.

New Year, New Tools in ICT!

The Kindergarten students have been hard at work in ICT, practicing typing with Paws Network! Congratulations to Cayden Baraud, who has completed Lessons 1 & 2 in Paws and has nearly completed Lesson 3!

The Grade 1 students have been working in Microsoft Word, practicing saving in their own folders! Congratulations to Ella Hollowchuk, Reece Handal, and Finn Childs, who are already in Lesson 6 in Paws!

The Grade 2 students have been presenting their ‘Story Through Pictures’ project. The students chose a simple nursery rhyme, where they had to find pictures to tell their story in Power Point. The goal was to add effects to the slides, sound effects, and transitions. Congratulations to Seane Curry, who has completed lesson 12 in Paws Network!

Miss Ali