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Montessori Parent Mornings in Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary parents enjoyed a brief glimpse into their child’s work in the  classroom as both LED and LEU classrooms hosted Montessori Parent Mornings throughout this past week.

During a Montessori Morning, parents are invited to drop in between 8:00 and 8:30 am and spend some time with their child as he or she demonstrates a few pieces of independently-selected work. Each grade has its own designated day, to ensure that there is space for every child to be able to focus and concentrate on sharing their work with parents.

These mornings are always very well-attended, and it is a pleasure to observe the children proudly exhibit their knowledge and skills. Thank you to all of the Lower Elementary parents who attended the Montessori Mornings this week!

A European Extravaganza in LEU!

This term in LEU we are studying the continent of Europe. Students have brushed up on their geography knowledge, naming countries and capitals. We’ve also focused on famous landmarks and identified land and water forms. We have learnt about animals, foods, flags, cultures and traditions from many different places in Europe. Students have enjoyed reading and researching their own independent project work, and we have learnt lots of new and interesting facts!

Welcome back to LEU!

We hope you’ve had a fun-filled and restful summer. We’re very excited for the upcoming school year! The LEU classroom welcomes all new and familiar faces, especially the Grade 1’s along with Ms. Nanine and Ms. Jacqueline.

September is all about settling back into daily routines, exploring new materials and getting to know each other. Grade 2 and 3 students have the privilege of taking on the responsibility of becoming leaders in the classroom, while the Grade 1’s familiarize themselves with classroom work and etiquette.

LEU looks forward to a wonderful year full of learning, growing and plenty of smiles as we focus on holistic development. We hope you can join us on Saturday, September 19th for our annual “MBTS Welcome Picnic” taking place on the playground.