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Remembering the Brave in MYP

November has been a busy month in the Middle Years Program! After weeks of practice and rehearsal, we presented a play for Remembrance Day to an appreciative audience made up of students in Grades Three, Four, and Five. We can’t forget the Grade Six students who ALL volunteered to be part of the play!

After the play, everyone observed two minutes of silence to reflect and remember the fallen soldiers. To conclude, the Grade Six and Grade Seven students recited the famous First World War poem, “In Flanders Fields.”


MBTS Students Take on the World at the MMUN!

We are excited to announce that the MYP and Grade Six students of MBTS will be participating in the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) adventure for a second year.
Taking place in New York City in March 2018, the students (also known as delegates) will engage in dialogue and building consensus resolutions on macro issues that we face as citizens of the world. Once a commitment to principal concepts has been made by the delegates, they collaborate to draft, edit and amend their resolutions. These final resolutions are presented and passed in the actual United Nations Assembly chamber in New York!
The students have been diligently researching the country which they will represent during the conference, and the topics that will be discussed and deliberated over the two-day conference. This year, our MBTS delegates will be representing three countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Fiji, and New Zealand. Over the last few weeks, the students have gathered information, pertinent facts and culture of their assigned country. In addition to this, the students explored their countries’ past motions and votes towards UN Resolutions pertaining to their topic. This year’s topics include: Rights of Indigenous People, Effects of Atomic Radiation, and Reduction of Military Budgets. With the UN Sustainable Development Goals in mind, the delegates are researching and brainstorming possible solutions posed in their topics.
Along with the meaningful and rigorous academic research involved in the project, the MYP and Grade Six students are responsible for raising funds to help cover the costs of their trip to New York. Recently, they applied their organizational skills to host a movie night on Friday, October 13th. The MMUN delegates hosted games after school, prepared the fruit and popcorn that was served, and most importantly, ensured that all of the children attending the event had a great time.
The MBTS delegates would like to thank the entire school community for supporting the movie night this month! Together, we will share our ideas for a better world with a global audience at the MMUN in March 2018!

New Year, New Adventures

The summer seemed to fly by so quickly. But that’s the way it goes when it’s filled with new adventures, relaxing and fun. And just as quickly, a new school year begins. We here in Middle Years would like to welcome you back for the new 2012-2013 school year. For the grade 8s, it is a year of preparing for High School, and grade 7, is a year in a new classroom, faced with new material. But for everyone, it will be a year filled with adventures of its own, new experiences and wonder-filled moments when you’re not just learning about numbers and atoms and Shakespeare, you’re also learning about life.

So Mr. Nick and Ms Shari would like to welcome you and let you know that we’re looking forward to what the next ten months have to offer.