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MYPs Turn Trash into Treasure

As the oldest students in the school, the Grade 7 students were eager to take on a project for the Community Impact Day that was fun but that also offered a suitable level of challenge (they are teenagers now, after all!). It was decided then: let’s build a bench!

Pallets and paint were kindly supplied by the Birch family (thank you, Cheryl and Jim), while tools (and definitely some extra assistance) came from Upper Elementary teacher Mr. Chad. The Grade 7 students supplied hard work and determination as they worked together to alter the pallets to make a bench for the community.

After working for several hours on sawing, drilling, measuring (and remeasuring), a fully functional bench was completed! It was painted a light blue colour to complement the ocean. It was placed along the ocean side at Prospect Point. Now, people in the community have a place to sit and enjoy this beautiful and scenic spot!

Way to go, Grade 7s!

Stellar Science at Starfish Point: Geography Fieldwork in MYP

Earlier this month, the Middle Years students tried their hand at Geography Fieldwork. Fieldwork is an important component of the subject, as it allows budding geographers to not only collect data and run tests, but to also engage with the world around them.

As we had just completed a unit about coastlines, we traveled to Starfish Point to observe the coast and what is being done to protect the coastline. We made sure to pack a directional compass, meter sticks, a mathematical compass, and cameras.

The first task for the budding geographers was to determine if longshore drift was occurring at Starfish Point. Longshore drift is a process that can change shorelines and cause erosion. Waves and prevailing winds can draw sand away from beaches – something we don’t want to see at Starfish Point! As an experiment, we threw a bunch of corks into the water. The corks would act as giant granules of sand for us to observe. What we saw was that longshore drift does occur at Starfish Point; the corks were carried by the direction of the waves quickly along the shore line. This showed us that the waves pull sand back out with them, and repeat this process as the waves move down the coast. 

The second task the Grade 7s had to do was determine if the groynes (rigid structures built from an ocean shore that interrupts water flow and limits the movement of sediment) in place on the beach were stopping the longshore drift from eroding the beach away. Before the Fieldwork, Kai and Seáne predicted that if the groynes were doing their job, then there should be a build-up of sand along one side of the groynes. By taking measurements on both sides of the groynes, and the students’ prediction was correct! The results showed that, yes, there was a bigger build-up of sand on the north side of groynes, which means they were stopping the sand from being dragged back into the ocean.
The day was a success, and a great experience for the Middle Years students to see coastal processes at work, as well as test out some practical skills. Well done, Grade 7s!


Bringing Literature to Life with Storyboards

Throughout this term, the Grade Six and Seven students have been working diligently on their Storyboard Projects. This piece of work included creating a large project board based on a book of their own choosing. They were required to explore the plot, setting, conflict, resolution, theme, and purpose of their novels. In addition, they also used their creativity to make their storyboards stand out!

Many of the students submitted their final project to the CIIP Storyboard Competition, which was held on Saturday, March 24th, at the George Town Public Library. There were over a hundred students in the competition, ranging in age from five to eighteen years old. Our MBTS students each earned a certificate for their participating in the competition. We are all very proud of their hard work!

A big thank you to the Upper Elementary East class, who generously shared their classroom space with the Grade Six and Seven students to showcase the storyboards, and also to the Upper Elementary West class for coming to take a look at the exhibit on March 5th!