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A Material World: Parents Get Their Hands On Montessori Math

MBTS buzzed with energy and excitement as over sixty members of the parent community attended a recent parent education evening focusing on the exceptional strengths of the Montessori approach to teaching Mathematics.

“The Mystery of Montessori Math, Unravelled” took place in the Upper Elementary building on the seaside on November 15th, and teachers from Casa, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary expertly shared their knowledge of Montessori Math materials.

After a brief overview highlighting the unique characteristics of the Montessori Math curriculum at each level, parents spent the majority of the time exploring various Montessori materials, which were set up at various stations. The Casa, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary teachers were on hand to demonstrate and explain the materials, as well as answer questions. It was wonderful to watch parents eagerly get their hands on the mind-boggling range of Montessori materials, and participate in impromptu lessons.

MBTS would like to thank all of the parents who took time out of their evening to enthusiastically learn more about their child’s Montessori education, and to experience the brilliance of the Montessori Math materials first-hand.

“He does it with his hands, by experience, first in play and then through work. The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.” (Dr. Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind)


Montessori Math Night Was a Great Success!

Thank you so much to all who came out to our “Montessori Math” parent night.  It was a great turn out and the parents who attended were amazed by the progression of the Math curriculum from Casa through Upper Elementary, the material and the way in which it is presented to the children, and how the children learn to internalize mathematical concepts.

Please find following some information, videos and pictures of the evening:

The Montessori Math Curriculum is broad in its scope.  It begins with the child’s first impressions of numeracy:  counting objects and then matching them to representative numerals.  Later on, children will practice operations, measurement , fractions, algebra and many other topics in Math.

At each stage, the child will have the opportunity to use manipulatives – the specialized Montessori materials.  “Manipulate” is derived from the Latin root “manus”, which means “hand”.  These concrete materials allow children to get a “handle”, quite literally, on mathematics concepts in the concrete sense.  It is only after the children have successfully practiced a skill with concrete materials that they are asked to make abstractions.  By this point, true understanding of the process has been internalized and children can work out and record calculations with pencil and paper.

Along the Montessori Math continuum, there exist many instances of overlap and connections between different pieces of work at different levels.  There are also many opportunities for children to practice and incorporate already mastered skills in more and more challenging ways.

For this evening’s Math adventure, we will guide you along 2 strands, geometry and multiplication, and explore some of the materials children will use at the Casa, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary levels.  Enjoy!

Please click this link to view the Casa Montessori Math Night video:

To view the Lower Elementary Montessori Math Night video please click the following link:

Coming Soon!!  Watch the spot for the Upper Elementary Montessori Math Night video!

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