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Athleticism and Empathy in Upper Elementary

Physical Education at MBTS offers many rich opportunities to not only strengthen the body but to also nurture the spirit, through leadership, camaraderie and care for others. 

January brought Upper Elementary students a wonderful opportunity to sharpen their football skills, as we welcomed special guest Coach Peter to the school for several forty-minute instruction sessions. Coach Peter, who hails from the Netherlands, coaches Total Soccer and brings a wealth of experience from playing with one of Belgium’s top youth clubs, KAA Gent. He livened up the children’s game with fun and fast-paced games, and some very nifty tricks.

Some unexpected changes in the Specialty schedule this month brought about some amazing opportunities for the Grade Five students to exercise leadership and compassion for their younger friends. They were very excited to take on the role of mentors and helpers during a few Toddler PE sessions, and they fulfilled this responsibility with flying colours! They did an amazing job setting up safe and stimulating obstacle courses for our young Toddler friends, animatedly sang and led circle time, and demonstrated genuine joy and delight as they helped the little ones carefully play with balls and hoops, and navigate balance beams.

This experience was such a success with both the Toddlers and the Upper Elementary students that, with the support of their classroom teachers, we are now creating a schedule that will enable the Upper Elementary children to volunteer their time to help out with the Toddler PE class on a regular basis.

This was a heartwarming way to bring the truest goals of physical education and sport to the forefront: to celebrate the awesome capabilities of the body and the infinite capacity of the heart.


A Spectacular and Sporty December

Photo credit: Neil Martin
Photo credit: Neil Martin

Throughout the month of December, the Elementary and MYP students of MBTS proudly represented their school community in three different sporting events: the Sailing Regatta, the PSA Track and Field Meet, and the Inter-Primary Swim Meet. In all three events, our students displayed steadfast and stellar sportsmanship by always trying their very best, cheering loudly for their teammates, and showing grace and courtesy to others in the community.

The willingness of these young athletes to go into a highly competitive setting and challenge themselves to reach and surpass their personal limits – while always remaining grounded and team-minded – was truly inspiring.

Please scroll down to learn a bit more about each team that competed in the three events, and go all the way to the bottom to see the photo gallery!

Sailing Regatta:

  • Isabelle (Upper Elementary)
  • Lyndon (Upper Elementary)
  • Sophia (Upper Elementary)
  • Vin (Upper Elementary)

Upper Elementary students from MBTS displayed excellent sailing skills and tactics during the recently-held Sailing Regatta, and even applied some of their knowledge in Mathematics to the sport by figuring out the shortest distance and the best angles for the competition. Our masterful MBTS team did an exceptional job putting forth their best efforts and proudly sailed into second place!

Special thanks go to our parent volunteer for this event, Annie Briggs.

PSA Track and Field Meet:

  • Abiu (Upper Elementary)
  • Dante (Upper Elementary)
  • Harper B. (Upper Elementary)
  • Harvey (Upper Elementary)
  • Kai (MYP)
  • Seanne (MYP)

All of the students who participated in the PSA Track and Field Meet held December 7th put their best foot forward, and every single participant beat their own personal best scores! Many of them beat their best times during practices at school by a significant margin, and Grade Six student Abiu earned a Gold medal in Long Jump, while MYP student Seane earned Silver medals in the 200 m and 800 m races. Our fantastic MBTS team dashed into third place overall, and never wavered in their commitment to doing their best!

Special thanks go to our parent volunteers for this event, Terri Barrowman and Simone Bilchuris.

Inter-Primary Swim Meet:

  • Amber (Lower Elementary)
  • Brayden (Lower Elementary)
  • Emma (Lower Elementary)
  • Imogen (Lower Elementary)
  • Roman (Lower Elementary)
  • Sierra (Lower Elementary)
  • Tessa (Lower Elementary)
  • Xavier (Lower Elementary)
  • Allison (Lower Elementary)
  • Flinn (Lower Elementary)
  • Qinn (Lower Elementary)
  • Riannon (Lower Elementary)
  • Harper N. (Upper Elementary)
  • Kaitlin (Upper Elementary)
  • Keanna (Upper Elementary)
  • Madison (Upper Elementary)
  • Sarah (Upper Elementary)
  • Sebastian (Upper Elementary)
  • Emma (Upper Elementary)
  • Gabriella Lulu (Upper Elementary)
  • Sophia (Upper Elementary)

The students of MBTS showed some stupendous school spirit during the Inter-Primary Swim Meet held December 8th. Many of the children were first-time participants in the event, with several of them never having competed before. They showed tremendous heart and bravery, and learned how to overcome feelings of nervousness by remembering to try their best and have lots of fun! Some of our younger children even fearlessly volunteered when it turned out that there weren’t enough participants in some of the relays, displaying terrific and true sportsmanship!

MBTS proudly placed fourth overall, with Grade Two student Tessa earning first place for her efforts in the 25 m breaststroke, and Grade Four student Harper placing first in the 25 m freestyle, and placing second in the 25 m breast and backstroke races. Grade Four student Sarah placed second in the 25 m freestyle and breaststroke, and Gabriella placed second in the 25 m breaststroke.

Special thanks go to parent Neil Martin, who shared some of the fantastic photos he took during the event.

We’ve Got the Moves in P.E.!

The children have got rhythm and movement at MBTS!

We have recently finished our Movement Unit, wherein children learned gymnastic tumbling, jumps, turns and leaps, individual balances, and basic partner acrobatic balances. They have been given the opportunity to express themselves through dance and movement, demonstrating an understanding of levels, tempo, and pathways while doing so. They also had the chance to use ribbons and hoops, and they manipulated these while incorporating the other aspects of class. Older children worked on putting a mini-routine with a partner to demonstrate all of the skills learned in the unit.

We have now moved on to our next unit for the school year: Target. Children in Grades One to Seven are exploring the following Target games: Bocce, Ladder Golf, Corn Hole, Beanbag Toss, Ring Toss, Croquet, Archery, and Golf Putting. While learning the rules to the games, our emphasis has been on the importance of practising self-correction, choosing partners and keeping score. Archery has emerged as the clear favourite in this unit of study!

Younger children in Casa are working on their manipulative skills, balances , movement concepts and non-locomotor skills. Our Toddlers have done so well too: We have started each class with a circle, during which they learn body parts, stretches and balances through fun songs and games. We have also started on mini obstacle courses, where they learn to follow instructions and work with each other.

It has been a great month filled with lots of movement, rhythm and fun!