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We’ve Got the Moves in P.E.!

The children have got rhythm and movement at MBTS!

We have recently finished our Movement Unit, wherein children learned gymnastic tumbling, jumps, turns and leaps, individual balances, and basic partner acrobatic balances. They have been given the opportunity to express themselves through dance and movement, demonstrating an understanding of levels, tempo, and pathways while doing so. They also had the chance to use ribbons and hoops, and they manipulated these while incorporating the other aspects of class. Older children worked on putting a mini-routine with a partner to demonstrate all of the skills learned in the unit.

We have now moved on to our next unit for the school year: Target. Children in Grades One to Seven are exploring the following Target games: Bocce, Ladder Golf, Corn Hole, Beanbag Toss, Ring Toss, Croquet, Archery, and Golf Putting. While learning the rules to the games, our emphasis has been on the importance of practising self-correction, choosing partners and keeping score. Archery has emerged as the clear favourite in this unit of study!

Younger children in Casa are working on their manipulative skills, balances , movement concepts and non-locomotor skills. Our Toddlers have done so well too: We have started each class with a circle, during which they learn body parts, stretches and balances through fun songs and games. We have also started on mini obstacle courses, where they learn to follow instructions and work with each other.

It has been a great month filled with lots of movement, rhythm and fun!

Fitness and Fun in Physical Education!

P.E. is off to a great year so far.

TODDLER-PEToddler students have had a wonderful transition into school life. As such, they have already started attending PE classes. Our main focus for September was to get the children comfortable leaving their classroom teachers to come to the multi-purpose court to get to know and play with us. At this time we bring lots of equipment such as bean bags, hoops, balls, balance beams and wobble boards into the court. We encourage the children to play freely, and we interact with them as well. Once we feel they are ready, we will slowly introduce more structure into the class in the form of a quick circle time at first, some stretching through song, and eventually a circuit that will develop balance, climbing and jumping.

PE-CASAOur focus for the Casa and Kindergarten program this September has been establishing a routine; promptly getting from their classroom to the multi-purpose court with their water bottles while staying in line can be quiet a big task for three and four-year-olds. Listening skills, the ability to freeze immediately on command (for safety reasons), and space awareness have been the focus of their fun games. Once these skills are mastered, we will have a safe class and the children will be ready for all the fun work we have planned for the year ahead.
PE-UPPERLower Elementary, Upper Elementary & Middle Years Program students spent the first two weeks enjoying a games unit wherein children learned how to interact, communicate, problem-solve and play nicely together after the long summer break. They did this by participating in tag, relay, team and co-operative games in each session. We also discussed how to demonstrate sportsmanship and fair play in each class.

PE-LOWERWe have now moved on to our next unit for the school year: Movement. Movement is a combination of sports acrobatics, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, inclusive of dance. The children will learn gymnastic tumbling, jumps turns and leaps, individual balances, and basic partner acrobatic balances. They will be given the opportunity to express themselves through dance while demonstrating an understanding of levels, tempo and pathways. Students will also have the opportunity to manipulate ribbons and hoops while incorporating other aspects of class. Older children will work individually on putting a mini routine together to demonstrate the skills learned in the unit, and will also spend time working on manipulative skills such as kicking, throwing, bouncing etc.

Should you have any questions about MBTS’ Physical Education program, please email Ms. Michelle at or Kindly note that Ms. Karen will begin her maternity leave on Friday, September 29th. 



Summer is here!

As the school year comes to an end, I would like to say thank you to all the parents for your help and support in keeping your child active and healthy. I hope that they continue to be active over the summer months.

The children and I have had an energetic fun year, from football to sailing to kayaking and everything in between. I already cannot wait for next year. It has been my pleasure to teach all your children Physical Education and I wish you all a wonderful summer that will be filled with special memories for years to come.