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Art Show Photo Gallery

Thank you for supporting “The Artful Heart,” Montessori By The Sea’s very first art exhibit and live auction at the Dart Auditorium of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. The Gala Evening celebrating the opening of this nature-inspired exhibition of original children’s artwork was a resounding success, enthusiastically attended by parents and staff from the MBTS community.

Sponsored by MBTS’ Parents’ Guild, “The Artful Heart” was highlighted by a thrilling live auction of group masterpieces by each classroom, led by the dynamic duo of Hugh and Shawn, whose daughters both attend the Lower Elementary program at MBTS. Their energetic and enthralling talents as auctioneers, coupled with the gleeful generosity and support of the audience, led to a significant amount of funds raised to support the Parents’ Guild’s school enhancement projects, which include improving technology resources, the learning support program and playground equipment. The generous donation of a NGCI Family Membership by the gallery, as well as delicious canapes and fine wines provided by Mise en Place and the West Indies Wine Company, rounded out a truly enjoyable and wonderful evening.

The Artful Heart exhibit will be on display at the National Gallery until Saturday, June 22nd.

Montessori By The Sea would like to especially thank the following for helping make our very first community art show a success:

– Ms. Denise for her hard work, dedication, organization and coordination of this event from its inception.  This event would not have been possible without her and we are eternally grateful.

– Every amazing student and teacher at MBTS, for putting such care and effort into creating and presenting inspired works of art to share with the community. Special thanks as well go to the staff members who volunteered and put extra time into helping mount and frame work, and actively ensuring that the event is a success.

– Mercedes, Danica, Terri, Annie and all of the members of the MBTS Parents’ Guild for their tireless efforts in organizing, sponsoring the event, and mounting and framing the artwork. Your generosity and time are deeply appreciated, and make MBTS the wonderful community that it is.

– Natalie, Lesley and the staff of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands for their professionalism and their cooperation in providing a wonderful venue and making it a success.

– Lisa and Anshula at the Kennedy Gallery for their generous donation of frames.

– Our friends at Montessori del Sol for making such a beautiful contribution to our community exhibit.

Thank you for supporting the “The Artful Heart” and coming together to celebrate the beauty of nature in our children’s art!

MBTS Art Exhibit at National Gallery: June 7th

MBTS’ very first art show at the National Gallery: The Artful Heart on June 7th

“The Artful Heart” is a nature-inspired exhibition featuring the original artwork of the children of Montessori By The Sea.

From June 7, 2013 to June 21, 2013, artwork by students ages 21 months to 14 years old will be proudly displayed in the Dart Auditorium of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. It will be a joyful, colourful display that promises to open our eyes and hearts to the beauty of nature in art.

Lower Elementary children work on a painting of Grand Cayman, which will be offered for auction on June 7th!

Sponsored by MBTS’ Parents’ Guild, “The Artful Heart” exhibit will be launched on the evening of June 7th with a grand opening celebration, featuring a live auction of group masterpieces by each classroom, a raffle of amazing prizes, and delicious canapes and fine wines provided by Mise en Place and the West Indies Wine Company. Tickets to the launch evening are on sale now at MBTS. Please contact or 947.0684 for details.

Upper Elementary students begin their collective art piece.

Every student in the tightly-knit MBTS community will be displaying work in the exhibit, with collective or individual pieces from the Toddler, Casa, Elementary and Middle Years students. “Beauty in Nature” seemed a fitting theme for MBTS’ first student exhibition, with the school community’s commitment to environmental stewardship and leadership. This academic year was a landmark one for MBTS, in that it received the inaugural Governor’s Conservation Award for its environmental efforts, which include school-wide composting and a pioneering recycling program.

A Casa child works on her individual piece for display.

The exhibit will feature original, individual pieces from all students from Casa to Middle Years, and will also feature group works from all classes from Toddler to Middle Years. Please note that only the group pieces will be offered for auction during the launch evening on June 7th.

Lower Elementary children create original diptychs of fish for the exhibit.

The Toddler class has carefully crafted a collective, colourful acrylic painting on canvas, the work embodying the joyful spirit that lies at the heart of the class. The Casa children of both Casa 1 and Casa 2 are working with group mosaics projects that reflect the painstaking, meticulous attention to detail that the children put into their work. Both Lower Elementary classes are producing works on canvas, with the LED students creating a spectacular map of Grand Cayman, and the LEU class making a beautiful, deep-sea composition using individual collagraph prints of Cayman’s sea life. The Upper Elementary class is collaborating on a modern, abstract painting artfully showing their love of colour, and the Middle Years students are working on a collective photography piece. All of these original art masterpieces will be offered for auction on the launch evening of the Artful Heart. Make sure you get your tickets today!

A Casa child prepares her mixed-media composition for the exhibit.

Visit the ticket sales table during morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up to buy your tickets, or contact or 947.0684 for details. Tickets are $35 each and each ticket entitles you to delicious canapes from Mise en Place, fine wines from the West Indies Wine Company, and an opportunity to win some amazing prizes from the raffle draw! All proceeds go directly to school improvement and enhancement projects spearheaded by the MBTS Parents’ Guild. Tickets to the launch evening MUST BE PURCHASED AT THE SCHOOL BEFOREHAND.

“The Artful Heart” is the first exhibit of its kind in MBTS history, and the entire school community is thrilled to be working with the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. We hope to see you at the launch evening on June 7th!

Dress Blue for Autism Awareness

March 30, 2012 is World Autism Awareness Day, and the students and staff showed their participation by wearing blue.

Autism is a general term used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorders – autism spectrum disorders – caused by a combination of genes and environmental influences.

  • A new case of autism is diagnosed every 15 minutes
  • More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined.
  • Is it estimated that 1% of the world’s population is affected by autism, or 70 million people.

Thank you students and staff for showing your awareness for autism. The fund collected will go to the Special Needs Foundation of Cayman.