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Dinosaurs, Mommies and Muffins in May

May has been a most exciting month, as our littlest learners explored the wonderful world of dinosaurs and even built their very own volcano! However, the true highlight of May was something so much better than a roaring t-rex: celebrating Mother’s Day with our beloved Mums, Mommies and Mamas during the annual “Mommies & Muffins Drop-Off” in the Toddler class.

As we head into the final month of school, we look back at all of the things we have learnt and how much we have grown. In June, we celebrate our Toddler friendships and look forward to the new adventure that awaits in Casa!






Saying Hello to Our Hometown Heroes

The month of March has been full of friendly faces – old and new – as we celebrated the often-unsung heroes in our island community. Occupations and transportation were the themes for this month, and we have particularly enjoyed learning about the important jobs that so many inspiring people in our neighbourhood do to keep us safe and healthy.

We were lucky to have Ms. Sandra drop by from Smile Dental to help us learn about keeping our pearly whites nice and bright,  and also had an extra special surprise when Ms. Heather visited with her precious and new bundle of joy!



Toddling Our Way to 2018!

It has been an exciting start to 2018 in the Toddler environment! We have enjoyed having all of our little ones back after a wonderful break, and have welcomed a new friend, Sagan. We look forward to spending the month of February exploring all there is to know about our wonderful home, Grand Cayman.

As we say goodbye to Miss Heather this month and wish her good luck with her baby, we are thrilled to welcome Miss Michelle, who will be with us in the Toddler environment until the end of the school year.