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First week in Upper El!

As the first week of school draws to a close, we can reflect on the student’s positive energy and thirst for knowledge they have displayed this week. It promises to be a wonderful year. We warmly welcome our new students and their families to the “other side” of the road. The returning students have been wonderful mentors to the children this week; guiding them with classroom expectations, assisting with work and forming stronger bonds.

sept3This month, Kids C.A.R.E will once again be serving the community. This after school program is open to all Upper El students and provides an opportunity for them to make a positive impact on the community through volunteer work. This is a very popular program for the children and we look forward to another year. For full details, please contact Mr. Andre.

South Sound United (Under 9 and Under 11) will be kicking off the football season this month. Tryouts and practices will be held in the next few weeks on Thursday after school. Games will be held around the island on Saturday mornings. For further details, please speak to either Ms. Karen or Mr. Chad.

We cordially invite all of our families to our Parent Orientation Night on September 30 between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. This provides an opportunity for parents to visit the Upper Elementary environment and discuss expectations as they relate to homework and the partnership between the parents and the teachers.

As always, should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in person or via email at

February and March Upper Elementary Classroom Blog

February 2014 Upper El Blog

We enjoyed another great month at MBTS. We enjoyed Sports Day and the String Fever field trip. Recess is always enjoyable too, where everyone is busy playing capture the flag and football.

This month the whole class of Upper El and MYP went to the String Fever concert. This was a wonderful and exciting field trip because we got to see four super talented musicians play new and old hits on wacky instruments. This was by far one of the best days of the month at Montessori By The Sea.

Sports Day took place this month with everyone being super excited. Everyone was happy to be able to take place in this series of events. The egg and spoon race, the mixed sprints and the obstacle course are only three of the several fun events that took place during Sports Day. Thank you to Ms. Karen for organizing a fun-filled day.

This month the people of ‘Group Infinity’ in Upper Elementary were happy to complete their Winter Olympics projects. In Upper El every day at lunch time the students had the choice to watch the winter Olympics while they were eating lunch. With some help from Mr. Chad, this inspired them to dig deeper into the Olympics and create amazing projects with predictions and fun facts.

Written by: Noah Booker
Grade: 6

March Upper El Blog

Welcome back to another great term in Upper El.

We all hope you enjoyed your Half Term Break.

Everyone is getting back into the swing of things with their new projects. Recently Mr. Chad took each of the grades separately on a field trip to go around the island to find examples of land and water forms. Also, Mr. Andre has been reading a book called “Timmy Failure” to some of the students.  Luckily, the author was on the island so Mr. Andre took those students to hear the author tell them how to make a good book.

We also had the March assembly and we did the importance of school and also a play on “Pi” day. In class we made cherry pies for “Pi” day which also was connected to math with all the measurements. Pi day is when we celebrate the number Pi which is 3.14159 and how Pi helps in our lives with anything to do with circles.

By Lewis McMurdo, Grade 6

January 2014 Blog for Upper El

We hope you all had a Happy New Year!!

We had a great start to the year in the Upper Elementary Classroom, keeping busy after our nice holiday.

The South Sound United Under 11 football team came fourth in the Champion’s League. They would like to thank Coach Karen, Coach Chad and Coach Chris for their help and support throughout the season. They had a great season and look forward to the next one.

In addition to our activities in Math and English, we have also been learning about Food Chains, Rapa Nui, irreversible and reversible forces, dissolving, Plate Tectonics, Simple Machines and Astronomy.

Kids CARE has done some cool things too, like beach clean-ups and painting signs for the butterfly garden. They are planning a book sale next week to help PAWS.

A guest speaker came in to speak about birds and the habitats in one of our assemblies. She had a large amount of knowledge on birds of the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Chad and some of the other Upper El students planted a few more flowers in the garden. Please have a look at the garden the next time you are on our side of the school.

The Grade Sixes will be hosting a movie night on February 28th to raise money for their Cuba trip. More details to follow. We hope to see you there.

Noah Schofield, Grade 6