Parents’ Guild

Initially formed by a small group of parents committed to functioning as supportive partners of the MBTS organization, the MBTS Parents’ Guild has since evolved into a more formal structure although its core objective remains.

All parents are members of the Parents’ Guild; however, it is up to you to decide how active a participant you would like to be. This association aids the school by organizing fundraisers for educational materials and equipment, supporting worthy causes in the community and showing appreciation for teachers and staff. At the beginning of the school year parents are provided with the names of the parents on the Executive Committee of the Guild. Elections and the AGM are held at the end of each school year. All parents are strongly encouraged to become involved.

2017/2018 Parents’ Guild Executive Committee

As all parents are automatically a part of the Guild, we hope that you will get actively involved with this enthusiastic group of parents!

Margaret Fantasia Chairman
 Melissa Ladley Vice Chairman
 Keegan Bezuidenhout Treasurer
 Maureen Miller Secretary
 Kourtni Jackson Administrative Representative
Debbie Thompson Administrative Representative
Lydia Booker Teacher Representative
Terri Barrowman Member
Jill Nelson Member
Margaret Kirkconnell Member
 Angie Yee Member
 Jenny Kirkconnell Member
Jenny Stepaniuk Member
Zinnana Ebanks

Paul Schreiner

Chris Brandson




Download the MBTS Parent’s Guild Constitution (PDF)

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