Welcome to the MBTS LEU Classroom

We warmly welcome you to what promises to be a successful and joyful school year at Montessori By The Sea. We cannot wait to begin inquiring, exploring and discovering with the children, who will surely be full of energy and imagination after a long and restful summer holiday.

We welcome back our returning second and third-year students, and also warmly welcome our new first-year students!

We would like to personally invite all Lower Elementary parents to attend this year’s Parent Orientation Evening, on Tuesday, September 6th, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Starting in the LEU Room, we will begin with a Lower Elementary Program overview for parents in both LEU and LED classrooms. After this, parents are invited to then join us in the LEU classroom for more specific information about our daily routines and classroom procedures. This evening is a valuable opportunity to get to know or get re-acquainted with your child’s teachers, to ask questions about the curriculum and the program, and to also re-connect with other parents in the school community. Parents who are new to the Lower Elementary Program are especially encouraged to join us for this evening.

We are both eagerly awaiting the beginning of the school year, and look forward to working with you and your child over the next ten months!


Ms. Kristina and Ms. Denise


About the LEU Teachers:

Ms. Kristina Wight
Affectionately referred to as Ms. K, Kristina returns to MBTS after spending the past 7 months with her new son. She is eager to be reunited with her LEU students and excited to welcome those new to the classroom. She has been working with children of varying ages and abilities in hospitals, developmental programs, and schools for over ten years. Ms. Kristina received her Lower Elementary training through NAMC and also holds an M.S. in Child Development. This is her fourth year at MBTS.

Ms. Denise Orosa
Ms. Denise is thrilled to join the MBTS community. Ms. Denise comes to MBTS by way of Toronto, Canada. She has worked with children in the educational field for ten years, and brings over eight years of experience as both a classroom teacher and a Visual Arts teacher in an elementary Montessori environment. Ms. Denise completed her Lower Elementary training at Montessori Teachers’ College in Toronto, and also holds an M.A. in Communication Arts. She is an avid animal lover, and is also an illustrator and writer.

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