Grade 8 French


We have just completed Unit One of the textbook, recapping describing oneself and nationalities. The main theme  of the chapter was on “Clothing”, and the students learned how to describe clothes and colours and to discuss (and write about) what they wear and their favourite clothes. We also discussed the sporty, casual and formal ‘looks’, and had fun saying which one we preferred, and why. In addition, the class learned how to say what they wear for different occasions and in different types of weather.

The chapter ended with  part one of our soap opera, entitled “La Belle Equipe”. Each episode consolidates the language learned in each unit. The class had fun taking the roles of the teenagers in the soap!

Next week, we shall start Unit 2, which is based on the general theme of “Health and Fitness”. The students will learn how to say that a part of the body hurts and they will also be able to give advice on healthy living.


Mme Wendy

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