October Overview

A Montessori Lower Elementary classroom is an active, prepared environment. It offers a wide range of compelling, engaging materials, and is guided by teachers who are keen observers, ready to seize teachable moments. Students go about making independent choices of work in class, and follow their interests through various research projects. They are guided when necessary in order to maintain a well-balanced and productive work period.
Throughout the school day, students are invited to lessons in groups or individually. At times, the class may also engage in thematic discussions or lessons as a whole. To help give parents an idea of what would normally be covered in the course of a month, we will be sharing general lesson themes for each month, starting with those for the month of October (please CLICK HERE to view the October Lesson Themes Overview).

It is important to note that classroom lessons are not strictly limited to or determined by these themes. Other fundamental Montessori principles are considered in the comprehensive implementation of a productive classroom:

  • We respect and seize moments of serendipitous learning initiated by the student. These “teachable” moments are invaluable, effective opportunities to engage the child’s inquiring mind, and feed and deepen intellectual curiosity. Lessons may and will arise from these moments, and they are prioritized as crucial opportunities for optimum learning.
  • We follow the readiness of the child for any lesson. Each individual’s pace and readiness for learning is respected. Time is allotted for students to practice and grow with the concepts which have been presented.
  • Learning is cross-curricular and cyclical. Fundamental concepts and skills are re-visited on a regular basis throughout a child’s time in a Montessori class. Lessons are not simply given one month and then promptly forgotten. The unique structure of a Montessori classroom – with its emphasis on connective learning and its focus on individual inquiry – enables students to come across a particular concept several times and in different contexts or ways within a three-year cycle.

CLICK HERE to view the October 2011 Lesson Themes Overview

Please do not hesitate to contact us at led@mbts.ky if you have questions.  Thank you.

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