What an Exciting September in Music!

We’ve been having a blast so far in Music! The Toddlers have been playing with maracas, scrapes, rhythm sticks and beanbags. We’re also learning to find our singing voice.

In Casa we’ve learned singing games using Solfege. We’ve also been practicing with instruments and beanbags! In Kindergarten we’ve begun to use music notes to notate the songs we’ve already learned.

In Lower Elementary we’ve been busy learning about the different instrument families of the orchestra (string, brass, woodwind, and percussion). We’ve even had a chance to listen and see what they look like via youtube.

The grade 4’s have been busy practicing to earn their ‘white belt’ in Recorder Karate. All Upper Elementary students have begun to practice a new piece for the recorder choir at the Holiday Concert.

And the Middle Years students have been learning about the Romantic, Classical, and the Renaissance eras as well as the amazing life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Next month I am looking forward to a musical Halloween with the students!

If you need to contact me at any time, my email is ms.ali@mbts.ky.


Ms Ali


“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”. Aldous Huxley

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