Casa-Grade 6 French

Bonjour tout le monde!

All students have been very busy in the French classroom this month.

In Casa and Kindergarten, we have continued to work on greetings, numbers to 10, colours and parts of the body. We have started to listen to songs to help us remember different words and have spent some time learning Frere Jacques.

Grade 1-4 have continued with the interactive stories on the whiteboard and have enjoyed the various activities and games associated with them. Grade 1 students have been reading a story about a snowman while Grade 2 students have read a story about a magic school. Grade 3 student have enjoyed a story about a magical watch and the Grade 4 class have learned about the island of Reunion through a fictional story.

The Grade 5 class have finished their unit on Pizza and look forward to their pizza party and culminating activity.

The Grade 6’s continue to study food and beverages and ordering in anticipation of our French cafe.

All in all, a very busy and productive month for all!

A bientot!

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