November in Casa 2

We have a busy 5 weeks ahead of us in Casa 2! Our theme for the month is” Life: Mammals!”  We are going to learn the characteristics and classification of mammals and all about mammals around the world.  We are also having a special visit from Ms. Andrea and her lovely mammal pets!

Our continent of focus is Africa so if you have any books or items from Africa, please send them in for us to talk about.

We are also starting our beach walks! These short excursions are a fun way to explore the environment beyond our classroom and playground, and serve several purposes:

1. To prepare children for other excursions, such as our upcoming field trip to the museum.
2. To collect beautiful and interesting shells, rocks and other natural artifacts.
3. Beach clean-up! To help foster environmental awareness and responsible stewardship of our planet, we may occasionally go to the beach for the purpose of removing debris/trash washed up on shore.
4. Theme-related investigation. We may go to the beach to further our investigations of our theme.
5. Fresh air and exercise!

We are looking forward to our first field trip on November 10th to the Cayman Islands National Museum. Please ensure you return your contact information for the day slip to us.

Just a reminder that there is no school on November 11th due to the Private School Association Conference and November 14th, as it is Remembrance Day. Enjoy your long weekend!


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