November in Upper El

Upper Elementary- November

This month we were busy going to interesting places and had some nice visitors.

The first activity we do every month, is our assembly and this month the Grade Fives hosted it. The topic was teaching the school not to litter.

Just about a week ago our class went to the Ritz to watch a tennis game.  It was very entertaining and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Just after that, Rich the juggler came. First he was showing us his skills and then he was teaching us how to get as good as him.

This month the Grade 6s focused on their ‘Movie Night Analysis’ project. The project really helped us understand how much money we raised and what we could work on to raise more money next time.  The Grades 5s were taught volume this month. From what I observed they were really fascinated with it. The grade 4’s were learning about integers.

During November, the Grade 5s and 6s were assigned ‘Astronomy’ projects, with each person focusing on a different topic. First we presented our projects on either PowerPoint or poster board, and while watching the presentations, we took notes. Then later on in November we had a game show, with questions from the presentations. We were split in two teams and the first person to buzz in had a chance to answer. The Grade 4s began learning about bones and how the body works. Also in Culture, everybody was busy trying to finish their Ancient Civilization project.

For the month of November the Grade 6s started learning different reading strategies and how to visualize pictures while reading. The Grades 5s were busy learning new types of grammar. The Grade 4s were learning about Pete’s Pirate Party.

By Christian Dyer (Grade 6 student)

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