October in Upper El

We have a very eventful October in Upper Elementary!

Dr. Guy Harvey came into the class and talked to us about the endangered Nassau Grouper.

The Grade Sixes hosted the October Assembly and did skits on respecting others, self and environment.

The Upper El class was invited to do “Kids C.A.R.E” two groups on Tuesday and two groups on Thursday. They went to the Humane Society and are going to the Pines Retirement Home in November.

The Grade Fives and Sixes practiced their measurement by baking delicious cookies, a brownie pizza and a smore pie.

The Grade Fours learned: Commas, Adjectives, Similes, Reading Techniques and Goals in Language. In math they learned: IXL, Fractions, Greater than less Than, 24 hour time clock, integers, decimals and geometry. They even learned Solar System, Ancient Egypt Cards, Ancient Civilization and Geography Booklets in Culture.

The Grade Fives learned: IXL, Percentages, Geometry, Long Division, Fractions and Measurement in Math. In Language: Novel Study, Fact or Opinion, Metaphors and Poetry. They also learned Hieroglyphics, Science Research Topics about Space, Ancient Civilization and Ancient Egypt Cards in Culture.

Grade Sixes learned: Bases 7, 6, 5 and 4, Square Roots of Perfect Squares, Integers, IXL, BEDMAS, Algebra, Countdown and Fractions. In Language they learned: Goals, Reading Techniques, Prepositions, Cause and Effect, Fact or Opinion, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia and Business Letters. In Culture Ancient Egypt Cards, Ancient Civilization projects, Geography Booklets and Mapping Worksheets.

We all spent some time creating an educational board game that we enjoyed playing in groups.

By Alex Cummer, Grade 6

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