Getting Ready For the Holidays- And For Writing, Too!

December has been a joyous month in Casa.  Together we prepared for our Christmas Concert which turned out to be a beautiful and exciting occasion.

In class we have continued to refine our fine-motor skills through the making of ornaments for our class tree. Skills such as cutting on lines and curves, gluing mosaics, sprinkling glitter, folding paper, tying knots, and even stitching with a needle all prepare the hand for the task of controlling a pencil. Those who are already writing are also refining their skills through practice with the movable alphabet as well as pencil and lined paper.

Thank you to those who have been a part of this season’s festivities, whether it is your attendance at the concert, providing treats to the class, or displaying your child’s work at home. We hope you all have a very happy holiday, and look forward to a new season of learning in the new year!

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