Happy Holidays!

A student works on her geometry project.

Creating geographical features outside!

The first term for the LEU class has been a joyful journey through learning, friendship and responsible citizenship. Throughout this first term together, we have focused on cultivating a classroom culture that is intrinsically curious about the universe, with community members who are working together to discover their unique place and purpose in it.

During these last few weeks of school in December, we will be focusing on completing projects and reports, and deepening our knowledge of lessons learned. These final weeks are an opportunity for us to reflect on the term’s studies, and address any lessons that may have been missed or that may need to be refreshed and revisited. As such, parents are most welcome to review this term’s lesson themes. Teachers will be using these themes as a guide, and will be using the month of December to review, present or further expound on lessons with the students.

By taking this time to carefully and thoroughly evaluate our work, complete our projects and refresh our memories on what we have learned, we will be able to wrap up the academic term with the satisfaction of a job well done – and look forward to enjoying a festive holiday season!

We wish all of you a joyful, peaceful holiday!

More measuring and cooking for American Thanksgiving!

A student presents his botany model to the class.

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