Holiday Art

The Art classes have been busy making Holiday ornaments, creating ‘stained glass’, and crystal ornaments. We made dough ornaments and painted them with acrylic paint (a new medium for most students).

The Upper Elementary students also worked with ‘diffusing paper’ where they used white glue and glued the outline of a picture, and after it dried they used watercolour paint to create a ‘stained glass’ effect when held up to a window. The Upper Elementary students also created ‘borax’ ornaments, which turned out beautifully! If you would like to make your own at home, please see my ‘how-to’ on Borax ornaments.

In January the Grade 1 students look forward to new mediums, and the Upper Elementary students will be learning about art from the Renaissance period, and creating triptych paintings.

Ms Ali

“Art is the proper task of life” – Friedrich Nietzche

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