Fish, Birds and Asia!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Winter break. We loved hearing all the stories from the children of their holiday adventures.

Everyone has settled back in, and Term 2 is in full swing. This is the term to “get our heads down and concentrate and focus and get the job done” as before we know, it will be Term 3! This month we are learning about Life: Fish and Birds. So far we have had fun learning the parts of a fish, the life cycle of a salmon and all the wonderful fish we can find around the world and in our own crystal clear Cayman waters!

We also have a new member of our Casa 2 community, a classroom pet called Tallulah Blue. We are sure the children have talked about her and you might have noticed that she is the center piece of our snack table. The children are enjoying learning the responsibilities of having a pet, and she is the talk of the snack table!

Our continent of focus is Asia and we are celebrating Chinese New Year, “Gong Xi Fa Cai”! We will be cooking an Asian dish and trying to use chopsticks to eat with. Our culture shelf is over flowing with Asian artifacts but if you have anything at home that you want to share with us, please send it in for Show and Tell on Friday.

We have also learned about our very special public holiday – National Heroes Day and what a hero is. There were some amusing stories about family members being heroes!

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