January in MBTS Middle Years

January has been an exciting month in Science. With Ms. Becky at the helm, the students in the Middle Years have been taking part in a multitude of hands-on exercises. The Grade 8s have been introduced to the complex but wonderful world of Chemistry. In class, through designed experiments, they have looked at physical and chemical reactions, endothermic vs. exothermic reactions and a variety of other chemical reactions and discoveries. The Grade 7s, delving into Astronomy, looking specifically at planet Earth, assumed the roles of paleontologists. By taking a trip outside, here on the sea side, they went investigating for fossils and organisms that could tell them a story about ancient life on the island. They returned with a vast array of rocks and shells that each had a tale of their own to tell.

In the Language and Literature, both classes have been involved in writing, designing, illustrating and publishing their own books. The Grade 7s are involved in writing children stories, using some of their own favorite childhood tales as models. The Grade 8s have learned the art of letter writing and have put together interactive books of Extraordinary Correspondences between characters they created. Views of these books will be forthcoming.

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