January in the Upper Elementary Class :)

During the month of January, we were given an assignment to do a country project that is to be all handwritten without using computers or the Internet.

The Grade 4’s gave an assembly on the topic of “Sportsmanship” along with an awesome song on how to show good sportsmanship.

We also learned about the four spheres of the Earth: the atmosphere, the biosphere, hydrosphere and the lithosphere.  We also researched the layers of the Earth: the crust, mantle and the core. To show how much we learned, we had to make a clay model of the Earth showing all three layers.

The Grade 6 class had a bake sale at the Grand Caymanian. They raised over $100 for their trip to Cuba!

Later in the month, a new student arrived from France. Her name is Molly, and she is in grade 5. She seemed to fit right in, as if she has been here since September.

The grade 5’s and 6’s were given a project to do, about finding the mean, mode, median and range of the heights of one of the Montessori classrooms for Math Class. Also in math we are learning about the area of a circle, complimentary angles, and division with decimals.

This month in Language we began essay writing.

Written By:  Anja van Genderen (Grade 6 Student)

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