February Goals . . .

The Grade 3 students have spent the past few weeks preparing to host the first-ever Lower Elementary Assembly at MBTS on February 6th.  They have selected ‘Honesty’ as the virtue around which their skits are themed.  Parents are invited to attend, and we will send a reminder note with the details.  They have worked hard as a team, each taking responsibility for specific aspects of the skits.  We hope you can join us for the presentation!

As we wrap up our African studies, the students are busily editing their projects and you will see our ‘Africa wall’ slowly coming together.  This means we are getting closer to the feast!  The students have been invited to present their projects to the class and we hope to have the grand finale, our ‘African Food Fest’, by February 17th.  We will confirm the date soon!

Please click on the link below to review our curriculum outline for February.

February 2012


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