Camping in March

To say the highlight of March was the MYP Camping Trip is an understatement! This camping trip had been the works for three months. It all sprang out of a lesson about the Appalachian Trail; and what started as a hypothetical camping trip turned into an actual trip to Beach Bay.

After doing the preliminary preparations, with the expert knowledge and help of Ms. Andrea, the MYP team and students set out on Friday March 3rd for the long-awaited expedition. The students came to school armed to the teeth with beach camping gear: tents, lanterns, portable fans, sleeping bags, pillows, “In Style” magazine and sturdy clothing, among a host of other things.

Before setting up camp on the beach, the students visited the completely sustainable complex established and owned by Dr. Fred, in Savannah. There, they learned about the virtues of composting and solar paneling. After getting food and other supplies, the campers were ready.

The late afternoon and early evening yielded wonderful adventures. The starry night allowed a viewing of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon through a telescope from Cayman’s Astrological Society. The students were also able to see the distant glimmer of the Space Station as it made its quick trip across the sky. Eating and singing by the fire ended a great day. And a trip to the market on Saturday morning ended a great trip. As a team, we were so happy that the students had such a good time.

The class thanks its resident photographer, Emma Booker, for her great eye and her fantastic pictures.

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