Getting Ready for New Things!

The Toddlers have started to play with a new instrument: a xylophone!  It’s been great fun to watch them play this new instrument where they have a small mallet to strike a small bar.

The Casa students have been working very hard learning the choreography to their End of Year concert pieces. Stay posted as to which colour/costume your child should wear for our June 16th show. We’ve also begun to sing ‘do’ in our solfege singing. We now know, ‘Do’, Mi, ‘Sol’, and La’. Not an easy thing to do!

The Lower Elementary students have now begun to work on their Year End concert items, and this is going to be one different concert! You probably won’t hear much singing at home in the next few months…

The Upper Elementary students are also working on their Year End pieces, and they too, are learning a new instrument – the steel pan. We are also learning about form, and all of the Upper Elementary students have used their knowledge of form to create one amazing piece that you will hear in June.


Ms Ali


“All the sounds of the earth are like music” – Oscar Hammerstein


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