MYP Happenings

Oobleck Lab: Derived from Dr. Seuss’s 1949 book Bartholomew and the Oobleck, oobleck is a sticky green substance that is a mixture of cornstarch and water. The Grade 8 students were able to produce oobleck in the classroom and experiment with it to understand changes in the states of matter and how it can change from liquid to solid.

In Grade 7, the students were able to study the planets, stars and asteroids. They not only learned about them in lecture, but were able to conduct their own research and produce write-ups of their findings. This would prove essential information to have on hand for the March Camping Trip.

February was also the month where the students became authors in their own right. The Grade 8 students produced interactive flip-books that detailed the correspondence between characters that they created. The books turned out really well and are great examples of not only how well they can write but also how imaginative the students truly are. The Grade 7s produced children’s storybooks with fantastic titles like: “A Colorful Tale” by Gabriella Cansell; “Tommy Learns a Lesson” by Marianne McMurdo; “Jackie and Snuggles: A Tale About Growing Up” by Hallie Ebanks; “Susie Makes a Friend” by Samantha Clarke

For the whole MYP, the highlight of the moth proved to be the Valentines Dance Fundraiser for the Grade 8 trip to Washington DC. The turn-out of students was excellent and the 8s were able to raise the necessary funds to contribute to their trip budget. The evening was one of fun, dancing, games and food. All had a great time and the Grade 8 class not only thanks their Grade 7 colleagues for their support, but also the MBTS study body.

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