Occupations & Transportation

We had a short (thanks to our mid-term break) but very busy February!

The children enjoyed learning about the “World of Work: Occupations and Transportation.” We heard some interesting views of what an occupation is and what some parents do for work! We also talked about “When I grow up”. Surprise, surprise the most popular choices were policemen and teachers!

Transportation was a particularly fun topic and our Kindergartners did their own research, using the books available in our library, to write about their chosen mode of transport. We also learned how to classify transportation into “land”, “air” and “water”. Linking into this we also learned about “sinking and floating” as well as “land and water forms” which have proved so popular that the work is still out on our shelves!

Our continent of study was North America and we discovered the animals and landmarks of the largest North American Countries: The USA, Canada and Mexico. Ms. Krista even brought us back some fun Mexican games from her travels!

Sports Day was a huge success and we want to thank all of the parent volunteers and Ms. Karen for organizing such a fun day!

We hoped you all loved your Valentine’s Day card– many thanks to Ms. Krista for coming up with the idea!

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