On to Europe!

With our Africa studies fast becoming a memory, we look forward to our plans for Europe.  The students are already excited about what topics they will cover.  Is this because so many of our families have origins or family ties there?  Or, could it be the students feel a certain homage to Europe given our relationship with the United Kingdom?  Either way, we continue to compare and contrast the Cayman Islands and our lives here to the lives, cultures, and lands of other people across the globe.

In March, we will also be starting our Writer’s Workshop, which will allow the students to have ongoing written works of many varieties.  They will be able to return to their writings and perfect them throughout the remainder of the school year.  We hope to see some of them published in the next Turtle Stew!

Please click on the link below to review our goals for March.   Have a great month!

March 2012


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