Springtime fun . . .

Happy Spring to our LED parents!  We are discussing various Spring holidays with the students this month and sampling some traditional foods that are eaten around the world at these festivals or observances.  We are using these food-sharing opportunities to have the students apply their measurements and fractions knowledge.

We have introduced Europe to the students as well and they are excited about the upcoming projects.  As with Africa, we will explore Europe over many weeks, culminating in the presentation of the students’ projects and a buffet of European foods.  We enjoyed a wonderful presentation on Spain by Ms. Mercedes (Eryn’s mum) and the students joined her in a beginner’s class on Flamenco dancing.  Any parents who have the time and interest in presenting their country of origin to the class are welcome to share their history and culture with us.  The kids love it!

Please select the table below to review more information on our plans for April.  Enjoy the holidays!

April 2012

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