It’s Coming Together…

The Toddlers are now finding their singing voices, as well as their high, low, quiet, and loud, voices! We practice singing nursery rhymes without any music and their voices are really developing. We’re also practicing our Year End piece, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them on stage in just a few short weeks!

The Casa students are continuing to use their knowledge of long/short sounds and can notate simple rhythms. We learned about Little Tommy Tiddlemouse’s dog friend and how to figure out if we need a long sound or short to create the rhythms.

The Lower Elementary students are refining their Year End pieces. We are still working on reading music, and some new symbols (repeat sign) and what it means to repeat a section of music.

The Upper Elementary students are also working hard on their pieces, as you may notice some extra sounds at home over the next few weeks. The Grade 5 students are also working on composing a new section of music in their piece, and are finding the creative rhythm making part easy – but notating their rhythms are now the challenge!

*If your child is unable to attend the End of Year concert, please let me know as soon as possible, as we will have to try our best to accommodate any missing parts*

Ms Ali


” Music is the shorthand of emotion” – Leo Tolstoy


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