Traveling through Europe!

As the students begin to write about their chosen European topic, we envision an exciting visual journey through Europe.  We will explore the unique attributes, history, and cultures in many countries in greater detail — animals, artists, geology, architecture, and more!  Of course, we will celebrate the completion of our European studies with a buffet.  We are planning to host the European foods luncheon by June 1st.  The date will be confirmed and details will be announced as the time approaches.

We have introduced the students to identifying and working with various monetary currencies.  Making change is the most challenging concept for them to comprehend.  For additional practice, we will set up a store in our classroom and have a Shopping Day.  Parents can help the students grasp the use of money by having them assist with various shopping tasks, including estimating and/or calculating the change from a transaction.

As we head toward the “home stretch” for the school year, much of the students’ time will focus on practicing and honing the skills for concepts to which they’ve been introduced.  Additionally, the students have been practicing their poems for the National Children’s Festival of the Arts (“NCFA”).  The presentations commence this month, beginning with a performance before their classmates in Lower Elementary.  The students will also perform at the next school assembly.  Following this will be a performance for the NCFA judges and in front of other schools.  Finally, many of our groups are often invited to perform at the Harquail Theatre for Parent’s Night.  Parents are welcome to view all of these performances and details will be sent via email.  The students will also be working hard on their pieces for the Spring Concert with Ms. Ali.

May will be a busy and exciting month for everyone.  The students already sense that the end of the year is near and many are discussing their summer vacation plans.  Let’s all work together to keep them rested and focused on school for these next two months so they may end the school year with a sense of pride and completion.
Please click on the link below to review our curriculum goals for May.

May 2012

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