As we head into the ‘home stretch’, the next few weeks are jam packed with loads of activities.  The students are practicing hard for what promises to be a very unique concert for the parents on June 16th.  They have also learned to express their thoughts and feelings via abstract art techniques, which has resulted in some amazing works presently on display in the classroom.  The students have taken their art immersion a step further by viewing the art of their peers in Lower Elementary – Upstairs and writing down the feelings and thoughts that were evoked by some of the paintings.  Likewise, our students received comments about their art.  In June, they will review how closely the emotions or thoughts from their peers matched their intentions as an artist.

Most of June will be spent focusing on the review of core concepts in all subject areas.  As an ongoing effort to motivate the students to expand their writing, we are composing responses to our Pen Pals in Canada.  The replies arrived during the last week of May and many of the students are excited about returning a letter to their Pen Pal before the end of the term.

We had to delay the Europe Food Fest for a week to give our students more time for their projects.  We expect to reschedule the buffet for June 8th.  We look forward to having our parents with us for another lovely meal!

Please select the link below to read more details about our goals for June:

June 2012

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