Get active!

Welcome back to a new and exciting school year!

I would like to take this opportunity to give everyone a few reminders for Physical Education class:

  • Please have your child secure his/her hair back, out of their face, and swept of their necks.
  • All children must wear appropriate footwear, clothing, hat and also bring a water bottle on Physical Education days.
  • Jewelry is not to be worn on days your child has Physical Education.
  • An extra shirt is also recommended for P.E. days to help make the transition between outdoor and indoor, air-conditioned environments more comfortable.
  • Students who cannot participate in P.E. class for health or other reasons are asked to submit a signed note from their parent or guardian, or have their parent or guardian send an e-mail directly to me at

If all these rules are followed, it will help everyone participate in a safe and productive Physical Education environment. Thank you in advance for all your cooperation.

This month all of the children will be participating in a “Games” unit, which will help them in developing fundamental skills essential for a happy school year on the playground.  They will take part in tag, relay, team and co-operative games which, once learned, they can play before and after school and during lunch.

These units will help students to:

  • Develop movement skills;
  • Use both general and personal space;
  • Practice fair play and learn about the importance of good sportsmanship;
  • Organize a game, choose teams fairly and follow the rules of game;
  • Sharing and teamwork;
  • How to self – motivate, how to motivate others and the ability to give positive feedback to one another.
  • Work on the skills needed to listen to each other, take turns and respond to direction.

They will learn that a positive attitude and a willingness to take part is essential for any game to be fun and fun is the aim of every game. My goal is to provide skills, activities and information that will equip your children with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle now and for life.

I look forward to a very active fun year in physical education.

Ms. Karen

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