Grade 8 French


We have been working very hard over these past few weeks! We have been exploring clothing, favourite ‘looks’ and outfits, and giving opinions on them. In addition, we have learned how to say what we wear for different occasions and in different weather. We studied the present tense of  ‘-er’ verbs, and some other common verbs. The first unit concluded with our soap opera (a fun story-line, involving four French teenagers, whose adventures we follow throughout the coursebook). Our own students enjoyed taking on the roles of the teenagers, when we acted out the first episode!

In the second unit, we shall study health and fitness, and begin by learning the names of the body parts. We shall also learn how to say what hurts and how we feel. In addition, we shall look at some French idioms and study tips on using a bilingual dictionary effectively.


Mme Wendy

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