Casa-Grade 6 French

September has been a busy month in the French classroom. Casa students have been working on basic greetings and numbers to 5 (up to 10 for KG) and colours blue, red, yellow and green. Grade 1 and 2 students have been reviewing numbers and all colour names with various activities both on the smartboard and in reading and writing. The students in Grade 3 have been working on how to greet different people and how to introduce themselves. They have also started work on expressing opinions. Grade 4 students have been busy reviewing family members and the use of possessive articles, along with reviewing of numbers. Students in Grade 5 have been working on saying where they are from and where they were born. The unit that the Grade 6 students have been working on has them naming places in town. They are also working on telling where things are and giving and receiving directions. All of the students have been working very hard and September was a very productive month.

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