Celebrating Life in October!

As we wrap up September, we cherish the new friendships we have made, relish in the old friendships we strengthened, and reflect on the discoveries we shared.   We look forward to October, during which we will focus on the coming of life to Earth and the many forms life has taken over the eons.  We will explore the five kingdoms of life with detailed discussions and scientific demonstrations.

The students have achieved so much already and we invite all parents to join us for Parent Night, October 2nd, 6:00-7:00 p.m., during which parents can learn about their child’s daily routine and review his/her workbooks in the classroom.  This coming month, skill building in math and language will continue with new challenges in keeping with each child’s pace.

Please remember, the school will be closed October 22nd-26th.  To review our goals for October, please click on the following link.

October Goals

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