Fitness is Fun

The Toddlers have had another excellent month in PE. Just before the break they had their first class alone with me. I was really impressed with how they handled the transition from being with their class to teachers to just following my directions. It went so well, there was not even one tear!
The children are now at a stage where I am beginning to put a little more structure into their class. The first 10 minutes will be spent with a stretching through song circle time. During this time the children work on stretching but also non locomotive and locomotive skills. The next 5 minutes will be spend on cooperative play, where the children are just beginning to learn to play safely with each other in the space around them, they work on sharing and taking turns. The following 10 minutes is spent on their balance and also manipulative skills such as throwing and kicking. The last 5 minutes is free play where the child gets to choose what equipment they want to work with.

The Casa children have been busy successfully playing tag games. Their awareness of personal space and general space has improved to a level where all games can be played with very few bumps. This month the children will be working on concepts related to cooperative play, using different levels of speed and moving high, medium and low between objects. One manipulative skill will be worked on during each class, such as throwing, kicking, etc.

The Kindergarten children had a wonderful month where they got to explore the sport of field hockey. I was very impressed with their enthusiasm throughout the unit. They quickly picked up the basics of how to hold the stick and move with it safely. They even began working on some dribbling skills. Well done Kinders!

Elementary and Middle years
We have ended our second unit field hockey and all the children did so well. I was impressed to see their skill level improve a lot from last year and to see them use many of the new skills and tactics that they have learned. The level of our modified field hockey games and the confidence with the children has made great strides.

Next month we are moving onto tag rugby, and the children will continue to work on their attacking and defending skills. They will learn skills needed to respond quickly to changing game situations and develop their coordination and balance. We will play rugby inspired games which introduce the principles of rugby whilst developing spatial awareness and hand-eye co-ordination.

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