French Casa-Grade 6 in October


October has been another busy month in the French classroom.

Our Casa students have continued to reinforce the use of colours, numbers and greetings but have also been introduced to the parts of the face with much success.

The Grade 1 class has completed work on numbers and have started our next unit on clothes. Students in Grade 2 have had much success in their number work and look forward to our next unit. The Grade 3 class have continued to work on expressing opinions and read and performed a short skit this month.

In Grade 4, students have been busy with our unit on school supplies and reviewing numbers and the calendar. The Grade 5 class has been working hard this month on learning how to say where they live and the names of different nationalities. Students in Grade 6 have continued work on directions and have begun to express preferences. It has been a busy month and we will finish the month with lessons on some French Halloween vocabulary.

Au revoir

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