Fundamental Needs & Field Trips

We learned a lot about Antarctica in October as all of the Grade 1 students presented their projects and shared their research with the class.  We look forward learning more as the Grade 2 and Grade 3 students present their projects.

The class embraced the Great Lessons in October which revealed the coming of life to earth and the evolution of humans.  They explored the plant and animal kingdoms, from the biggest whale to the smallest cell.  It has been a fascinating journey and the children seem to be thirsting for more.

In November, we will move on to the fundamental needs of humans as compared to the living things we’ve studied thus far.  As we focus on these basic needs, we will compare and contrast with early Caymanians the adaptations humans have made to fulfill those needs .  This path will build up to an exciting field trip to the Pedro St. James historic site.  The students will have an opportunity to see, first hand, how early Caymanians “made do” with what was available at the time.  This is always a humbling and impressive experience.

Around mid-November, please look for an invitation to our Parent Education Night, which is expected to focus on the Montessori Language Arts methods.  This evening will offer some insight into how Montessori helps students learn letters, words, grammar, public speaking and writing.

Please click on the link below to review our other goals for November:

November Goals


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