September in Upper Elementary!

The new Grade 4s joined the Upper Elementary environment and they reported that it was “very different and more challenging,” than Lower Elementary. They revealed that they were feeling nervous and excited about the challenges that lay ahead.

For Culture we learned about lines of latitude and longitude and even learned a song to go with the lesson.

The Grade 4’s began a Science Unit on “Healthy Living”, while the Grade 5 and 6’s started a Science Unit on “Micro-organisms”. The Grade 5 and 6’s are even carrying out an experiment watching mold grow on bread, and as such, have bread in different places in the classroom.

For Math we were challenged in our challenge questions and learned new concepts like Algebra and Factor Trees.

For Language we got to write to someone special about our vacations. Later, we visited the post office to post the letters. We also got to write captions for cartoons and we were encouraged to write a poem or essay on, “Helping in the Community” for a radio competition.

Kids CARE also started this term. We were very busy doing beach clean-ups and walking Spot`s Beach, looking for new turtle nests. We were fortunate to do nest excavations with the Department of Environment and released 39 hatchlings into the wild.

For recess we loved playing cheetahs and deers, which is a game that most children in the class join in and play. We especially enjoyed Fridays as we got to enjoy delicious Subway.

During PE we got extremely competitive in field hockey.

It was a very busy month. We worked hard and had loads of fun.

Posted By the Grade 6 class

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