Grade 7 French


We have had a very busy few weeks learning how to describe what we look like regarding build, height, colour of hair, hair styles and colour of eyes.  In addition, the students are able to apply the above language to describe what someone else looks like. The class has been looking at how to understand the position of adjectives in French sentences and form simple negative sentences. We have also been learning how to use a glossary effectively.

Now that the exams are finally behind us, we are into the third unit of our book, which is all about school. The areas we will be looking at over the coming weeks are classroom objects, opinions of school subjects, telling the time and timetables.  The students will also have the opportunity to develop their classroom language, look at some techniques for learning new words and they will learn how to improve their listening skills. We shall also look at French handwriting and study the differences between school life in France and the Cayman Islands.


Mme Wendy

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