Happy Holidays!

It is hard to believe we have nearly completed our first term of the school year!    Together with our students, we have shared many experiences and garnered so much knowledge.  Most importantly, it has been amazing to watch the students gain confidence in their abilities and evolve into young people who love to learn and explore.

As we wind down the first term, we will continue to discover that the world is a big place with many different ideas, belief systems, and ways of doing things.  We will glean part of our understanding from investigating the origins of written language and monetary systems.  The exploration of how these things have evolved over time will reinforce the students’ understanding that no one idea or method is absolute.  We will review the myriad celebrations around the world this time of year and the different ways in which people observe their culture’s special days.  As always, our goal is awareness of and tolerance for beliefs and ideas that may differ from our own.

The students are very proud of the projects they’ve completed, the art they’ve created, and the workbooks they have filled and taken home.  They have worked hard and trust they will enjoy their much-deserved break.  We wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons and a prosperous and healthy 2013!

Please click the link below for more information regarding our lesson goals for December:

December Goals

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