Have a Beautiful Holiday!

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

Covering our “conifers” with green frosting!

The first term in Lower Elementary Art has been filled with the children’s creativity, curiosity and delight in learning. Every lesson, whether it has been about drawing line

Decorating our edible Christmas trees.

portraits, creating textured sculptures using pinch-pot techniques, or tooling copper sheets with intricate designs, has been greeted with the fearless excitement to learn something new and create something beautiful. Children truly are natural artists – happily focused on the creative process, unafraid to try, and wholly joyful to discover.

A hand-made paper snowflake graces the classroom.

The holidays have brought our young artists many opportunities to make creative and festive craft projects! Younger students used careful control to decorate the drawn ornaments on their Christmas cards with intricate line patterns. They explored how to draw realistic trees using oil pastels, and created icy, wintry landscapes using watercolours. Older students created fancy foil windows, as well as impressive and intricate paper snowflakes. The children also all enjoyed making edible Christmas conifers, using cones covered in green icing and decorated with delicious “baubles”!

We have had a beautiful beginning to our journey this year in Lower Elementary Art, and we cannot wait to continue creating and growing in January!

Have a joyful and beautiful Holiday Season!

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