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We would like to thank all of the families who attended the Lower Elementary Open House on December 5th. The children were absolutely thrilled to have everyone attend, and they were bursting with enthusiasm to share their projects and their work. Your presence and interest in the children’s work cultivates a sense of importance and pride in what they accomplish in class. Thank you for your support.

Please enjoy some images from the Open House. Special thanks to Alianne’s grandparents for sharing some of their photos from the visit!

Cooking and Continent Study
Over the past few weeks, we brought the focus of our Cultural studies back to Geography. The children were busily putting together the final components of their Asia projects, in preparation for the Open House. First-year students focused on compiling various pieces of mapping, flag and written work together to create informative posters on their countries of choice. Second and third-year students spent more time on research, drafting and editing of their written Asia reports, applying lessons in writing structure, writing style, penmanship and computer skills in the process. Some of the older students enjoyed working on three-dimensional maps of Asia.

We also enjoyed linking lessons in poetry writing to our continent studies. Younger children wrote acrostic country poems that not only applied the use of adjectives but also required drawing upon their knowledge of their chosen Asian country. Older children added a new type of poem to their repertoire, by applying their knowledge of the fundamental parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives) to create descriptive and graceful diamante (diamond) poems.

Children really enjoyed reviewing their knowledge of Geography by working with puzzle and pin maps, singing songs about the countries (for the younger students), by engaging in interactive activities on the smartboard, and by playing the game “Roll Around Asia!” Students relished the opportunity to pass a ball around as they named the different countries of Asia. When the ball was passed to a student, he or she had five seconds to name an Asian country that hadn’t yet been named by someone else. It was a simple yet very exciting exercise – and great practice for playing the game with our parents on the day of the Open House!

Part of our study of Asia also involved studying the cuisine of different countries. Students worked in small groups to prepare an Asian feast, which included dishes from the Indian subcontinent, China and Japan, and Southeast Asia.

The Open House was a perfect opportunity for children to share their work and their projects on Asia with adults. Thank you again for coming!


NOVEMBER-DECEMBER LESSON THEMES: Please note that we will continue with the lesson themes for November-December. Please CLICK HERE to view the lesson themes.

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