November Blog 2012

Here is an update on November in the Upper El Class:

  • It was Skylar, Cammy, and Connor’s Birthday in November. They all brought in yummy treats to share with the class and we all sang Happy Birthday to them.
  • This month the Kids CARE groups all went to the N.C.V.O. (National Council of Volunteers Organization) to lend a hand to the little kids and play with them.
  • Ms. Lauren gave all of us a project called “Biomes” and put us in pairs to make a model of a Biome.
  • The Grade 6s did an experiment on growing bacteria and it was very moldy and gross.
  • There was a lot of mentoring in Math with our Challenge Questions.
  • The grade 8s had a Bake sale to raise money for their Washington trip on March 18th 2013 and the treats were enjoyed by everyone!
  • The MBTS choir sang at Camana Bay on Monday 19th 2012 and came in 3rd place.  Congratulations!
  • The Upper Elementary class went on a field trip to Pedro St. James Castle which was very informative.
  • The Grade 5s did an assembly on Remembrance Day and we heard a poem.  It was very good.
  • The Grade 4s are doing their first book report, and they are very excited about it.
  • Everyone was in a mad rush trying to finish their Turtle Stew entry by the due date.
  • Ms. Debra from the Human Rights Commission, came to see us and talk about human rights and that we are lucky that we have human rights in Cayman.

Blog Post By Vanessa Fullerton (Grade 6)

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